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  • Kokoleka is our luxuriously detoxifying super-food ‘dessert mask’. Her advanced formula of mineral-rich clays, refreshing coffee, activated coconut charcoal, skin softening coconut milk, organic cacao, and antioxidant-rich fruits will help to purify and detoxify the skin, drawing out impurities from deep within the pores. Once activated, Kokoleka will exude the most exquisite chocolate and citrus notes that will envelop your skin and senses in bliss, leaving your complexion vibrant and renewed. You will feel her tingle with delight as she works her magic, increasing enzyme activity, boosting hydration, and balancing mineral levels on the skin.  

    This may be the most decadent, delicious, and nutrient-dense indulgence that your skin has ever experienced. 

  • Scent Profile: A dreamy blend of rich cacao, coconut, and spicy citrus.

  • Skin Type: Kokoleka is best suited for oily, combination, and acne-prone skin.

  • Benefits: Kokoleka is a potent and nutrient-dense detox mask that will also help to replenish the skin at the same time. She works her magic to pull out oil and debris from the pores while feeding the skin nutrients that will help to balance the complexion naturally. Use her 1x a week for a clean, clear, and vibrant complexion.  

    Kokoleka is the Hawaiian word for chocolate

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