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  • Your cleansing ritual will never be the same. Each step of cleansing with Kalima is a ritual of beauty, which begins the second you pour her soft powder into your palm. Silken coconut milk, soothing oatmeal, antioxidant-rich tropical fruits, softening clays, and organic vanilla beans come together to create the most exotic and opulent cleansing powder you have ever experienced. 

    Once you activate her with water, she will metamorphose in your palm, effervescing into a pink potion emanating soft vanilla and citrus note that will gently exfoliate and thoroughly cleanse your skin, leaving your complexion soft and bright. Organic hibiscus flower, wildcrafted camu camu fruit and water-activated vitamin C are a powerhouse trio working harmoniously together to boost collagen production and even out the complexion. When used as a cleansing mask, Kalima is especially magical at helping to fade post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. 

  • Scent Profile: A sweet blend of creamy coconut, vanilla bean, and citrus fruit

  • Skin Type: Kalima can be used on all skin types. 

  • Benefits: Kalima works beautifully to help deeply cleanse the skin, leaving the complexion soft and supple. When used as a cleansing mask, Kalima will draw out oils and impurities while the water-activated Vitamin C works its magic to help promote a more even skin tone. 

     Kalima is the Hawaiian word for cream

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