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  • MOISTURIZE | SOFTEN | ENCHANT: moisturizing and repairing body oil 

  • Welcome to the garden Isle, a distant shore where the warm and verdant Hawaiian jungles lend nourishment to your skin. Immerse your body in a sea of ultra-moisturizing beauty oils inspired by the endless wonders of Kauai.

    A lustrous blend of rich organic kukui, avocado, and tamanu oils, with Hawaiian coffee fruit extracts and fresh noni oil help, strengthen and repair your skin from head to toe. Cold-pressed and antioxidant-rich fruit and floral oils are infused with deep woodsy essences to create a healing and tranquil escape for both your skin and spirit.

  • Scent Garden: The Garden Isle Body Oil evokes the sensory experience of the warm, tropical Hawaiian trade winds - that carry within them the aroma of fresh damp earth, moonlit blooms of jasmine and ylang-ylang flowers, and the grounding scents of sandalwood, vetiver, and cocoa.

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